Were you two close?

How about playing golf tomorrow?

I should've introduced myself.

I don't want to shoot.

It happened right here three years and four days ago.

Astro Boy protected the country from danger.

They stood there.

Christophe didn't seem to care that nobody seemed to like him.


"Is your friend an idiot or what?" asked the father.

According to the weather reports, it will snow tomorrow.

I gave him a blanket.

We take telephone orders.

I like this custom.

She always buys nothing but the best of everything.

My sister is afraid of all doctors.

You should get to know Tad.

They deprived me of my liberty.


We visited the castles of the Loire.


Who else is out there?


I didn't give them anything.

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Nobody knows.

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The little boy hung his head and said nothing.

It's easy and fun.

It was a cat starved to skin and bones.

I might have to go back home.

He was an old hand at the game.

We can't forget that.

As a measure to prevent another period of inflation, our government has jacked up interest rates.

I ruined it.

Why do we have to pay taxes?

They were waiting to be rescued.

The temple is at the top of the hill.

Her life is in grave danger.

He applies this principle to everything in life.


Patrick passed away in 2013.

I'm sorry I made you worry.

He is a cut above his neighbors.


We're meeting up tomorrow?

Divide and rule!

By the way, this week - no matter what flags are set - it's a certainty that there will be no ecchi scenes. You'll just have to bear with it a while.

Do you like to be kept waiting?

He is a good fellow at heart.

Amedeo said that he loved Tobias and always would love her.

I wish that I were young again.

You're angry now.

I'm sorry I don't know for certain.

Eimi, you assume it's possible when you find the truth, which is impossible.

Did Rodney tell you where he put his keys?

When will we get to Boston?

Northern flying squirrels often share nests during the winter.


Where is the bus terminal?

You still don't understand.

The strangest thing is that he saved his arch enemy from an unavoidable death.


The event starts at 2am.


Everyone knows that she has done everything she could for her children.

No made a deal.

I wish I had a good French dictionary.

That accounts for all of Harmon's team.

They hunted deer and foxes.

May you be happy, Ricardo.

I didn't find any feeling in his speech.


Does your salary get put on your pay card on a monthly basis?

There are only liquor stores and gun shops here.

The best dreams happen when you're awake.

Please don't listen to her.

Heinrich is Brett's brother-in-law.

Never forget to put out the fire.

When my dad left the room, my little sister gave me the finger!

Who was the thief?

She participates in many school activities.

The police found Judy dead on the porch.

What do you figure on this?

The invitation said to bring your significant other.

He stayed away from school for a week.


It's a long story.

Travis appointed her as manager.

Stanislaw could still be here.


I have always wanted to read War and Peace.

Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.

The car's engine broke down on the way.


Did you write this fairy tale by yourself?

Hillary was Pratap's wife.

He lives paycheck to paycheck.


It is rather sad to see people who can't even use their mother tongue correctly.

She leaned on his shoulder.

I only bought a sheep while at the market.

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They all remembered Erik.

Escargot doesn't sound very appetizing.

I love asking questions.


She's a vampire hunter.


You are not shorter than I.

This movie is terrible.

Something always happens.

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I can assure you of your success.

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Aren't you ever going to sleep?

Forgive everyone, forget nothing.

Didn't you see anything?

She poured some milk from the bottle.

When he openly declared he would marry Pablo, he almost gave his grandmother a heart attack and made his aunt's eyes burst out of their sockets; however, his little sister beamed with pride.

Joe shared his bucket of popcorn with Margaret.

Sometimes, I think about the future, and I forget to breathe.

We're leaving here.

The general meeting of our society is held in December every year.

I thought it must be something like that.

Love without sorrow cannot be.

The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

To her delight, she got through the examination.

The Earth is tilted at an angle of 23.4 degrees.

She thinks that European cars are better than American cars.

How can I turn off this light?

You saw it, too.

The weather is so oppressive.

The heavy snowfall blocked the roads.

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I wish we weren't always so busy.

He doesn't even know that I exist.

Are you learning French?

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I had too much to drink.

I only had some pineapple for breakfast.

Can you translate this for me?

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I am not alone in thinking so.


Daddy must be able to cook at least one egg!


Since I was little I have loved going to the sea with my family.

For me winter is rather something to be put up with than to be enjoyed.

Guillermo was the person who suggested we try it this way.


Let's talk it out.

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I regarded the man as an enemy.

He changed his address.

People in such countries, especially the ASEAN countries, believe that the secret of Japan's remarkable economic growth is education.


Kathy announced to Oliver that he would soon have a new sister.

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That's the way it was.

That's all right, so far as I'm concerned.

We won't be able to solve this problem on our own.

Are you suggesting I was lying?

Briggs hasn't paid for that yet.

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Can you explain why you don't like Izzy?


Everybody knows what they're doing.

I suggest that you write him a thank-you letter.

I have to finish what I started.

I am a university student.

He opened up his heart to her.

Not only she but also her parents were invited to the party.

We'd better try to sell or give away all these white elephants we've collected.

How tall is your little brother?

Do you know how to read and write?

Who that has reason will listen to such a mad man?

Carl Gustav Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, always respected the religious convictions of his patients very much.

Molly was so cold his teeth were chattering.

What happened to Morgan was a nightmare.

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Three civilians were also killed.

Mick is discontented.

The company is a producer and distributor of television programming.

Your brilliant eyes are like the sun.

I'm trying to rest.


What's the air temperature today?

Why do you detest Kris?

As compared with the old model, this is far easier to handle.

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Brandon takes the lead!


I will finish it by tomorrow afternoon.

There's something Shean hasn't told Tait.

Marci sometimes has trouble understanding other people's motives and desires.

I love being a teacher.

Nowadays it is nigh on impossible to find a girl who does not wear a tattoo.

I'd like to see them win.

We are in part responsible for it.